3 Facts about the Home Improvement Industry and Their effect on Franchising

Sep 15, 2022 | Franchising


Many investors want to join the home improvement industry. This is a growing industry, with in-demand services that have been proven over time to be recession and pandemic resistant. Here are some facts about the home improvement industry and how Color World Painting sets you up for success in the industry.


Fact 1: The industry is worth $538 billion 

Since Covid-19 the industry has been booming. In 2021, Americans have spent the most on home improvements than they ever had in the years before.

How Color World Benefits: Color World Painting provides 5 different businesses in one to maximize earning potential as a franchise owner. By providing painting, holiday lighting, carpentry, gutter installation, and power washing franchise owners get to capitalize on many services in the huge industry.


Fact 2: The number of painters has increased by 2.99%

Over 223,223 painters currently employed in the United States are more likely to work at private, smaller companies rather than large ones.

Franchising Effect: When opening your own painting business with Color World Painting, you can opt to open with 0-2 employees by hiring contractors.


Fact 3: 76% of American homeowners did a home improvement project in 2020.


The home improvement industry is a recession and pandemic-resistant business. With an average home being built in 1980, there is a high demand for home improvement projects.

Franchising effect: With Color World Painting, you can offer multiple services to your clients and become a household name in your community. Our buying power and partnerships will maximize your profits with every job.


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