Color World Housepainting Now Open

Aug 1, 2021 | Franchising

Color World Housepainting is now expanding to Winter Garden, Florida opening in early August. The new business looks to take advantage of the pandemic-induced renewed interest in home improvement renovations and will be opened by local partners Giovanny Longan and Veronica Montano.

Born in Latin America, Longan and Montano are experienced world travelers having pursued professional studies in fields ranging from arts and literature to business. Working as sales managers for information industry companies, the two traveled throughout South America servicing the informational needs of university libraries and research centers. They now look to utilize their deep understanding of the human experience to grow their new Color World Housepainting business with a sense of community and pride.

“Opening our own Color World Housepainting business here in Winter Garden is almost like a dream come true for us,” said Montano. “To be able to truly improve the lives of our local community members by providing them with professional and knowledgeable painting services is what motivated us to become involved with Color World Housepainting.”

Color World Housepainting provides property owners with quality interior and exterior painting services, commercial painting, power washing, carpentry and drywall repair, staining, gutter installation, and holiday lighting. Longan and Montano also look forward to involving their new business in local community organizations.

“Our prior collaboration with community organizations is not something we wanted to leave behind in Latin America and we aim to become more involved here locally as well,” said Longan. “Color World Housepainting gives us the opportunity we were looking for to use our business to spark positive changes in the areas we service. We will ensure our handpicked professionals incorporate our mission of bettering the community in every one of our projects.”

Color World’s team of professional painters is highly experienced and use top-quality products in order to deliver outstanding results each and every time. They also offer add-on services that go hand-in-hand with painting and allow customers to check one more thing off their to-do list while streamlining their home improvement projects.

For more information, please visit or call (407) 458-6969.

Read the original release here.


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