Color World is Your Holiday Lighting Business, And So Much More

Oct 17, 2018 | Advice, Franchising

Color World opened their doors in 1997, growing to four locations before developing and launching into a seamless, recession-resistant franchise model in 2015. With seven franchise locations now awarded, Color World offers Franchise Owners a suite of integrated home improvement services capable of providing ongoing and seasonal revenue streams. As the holidays move near, we at Color World wanted to highlight the added value our holiday lighting service brings to your entrepreneurial franchising endeavor.  

Color World Allows Franchise Owners the Freedom to Choose Their Focus

While rigid, single revenue stream franchise opportunities give owners little room to make decisions for their business, Color World offers flexibility to Franchise Owners through five (5) revenue streams. Each aspect of the business is synergistic, creating greater ticket totals and developing a diverse community of customers.

As a Color World Franchise Owner, you are able to choose which streams of revenue to focus on, ensuring each location the best operation possible. Each owner can then configure their low-overhead franchise operation to meet the needs of their individual markets and territories, regardless of the season. This provides a high degree of freedom and flexibility for each Franchise Owner that our competition can’t beat.

Did we mention this provides greater opportunity for overall market and revenue development in your community?

Want to Make the Holidays Brighter in Your Community? Color World Can Help

Holiday Lighting is a robust aspect of the Color World franchise model. While seasonal, the holiday lighting industry totaled sales over $6 billion in 2016, according to Forbes. Color World’s home-improvement franchise model allows Owners to continue their ongoing operations while scaling the holiday lighting service alongside seasonal changes in demand.

Our Franchise Owners average $800 per holiday lighting job and our displays are as unique as they are pleasing to view.

Delight the kids, enrich your community, and drive additional revenue to your Color World franchise every winter by leveraging the seasonality of holiday lighting.

How Do I Get Started?

With Color World, opening a home-improvement franchise has never been easier. As the season for holiday lighting approaches, our holiday lighting service provide you the opportunity to show your family and your community the spirit of your business, while also benefiting the bottom line. Find out more about Color World franchise opportunities by reading the report below!


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