Columbus-Founded Color World Housepainting Grows Despite Pandemic

Jun 3, 2020 | Franchising

Local home improvement business provides safe alternatives to traditional services as Ohio reopens

Columbus, OH – As businesses across the nation navigate unchartered waters, one locally founded business has adapted to remain strong and successful amid the pandemic. Essential business Color World Housepainting has been working safely during the lockdown and, as Ohio begins to reopen, the brand has implemented new services to keep all customers safe. Color World’s adaptations have also equipped the brand to continue to grow to new cities even during COVID-19.

While many of Color World’s services are exterior, the growing brand has put new operations in place to keep customers safe. Many of the staff have the ability to work independently or in small groups, and the business encourages phone or FaceTime calls to go over project details with the intent to replace in-person meetings. Color World also offers virtual assessments, where they can take room dimensions and provide an estimate completely contactless.

“As Ohio begins to reopen, we encourage all of our customers to continue utilizing our contactless options and take advantage of the virtual services that we have offered throughout the pandemic,” said Tom Hodgson, CEO of Color World Housepainting. “We want to keep our community and staff as safe as possible.”

Despite the pandemic, the brand has experienced growth over the course of the last few months. Since the pandemic started, multiple new locations across the country have launched and opened. The recent growth has brought the Columbus business all the way to Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and California.

Color World Housepainting provides homeowners with quality interior and exterior painting services, in addition to commercial painting, power washing, carpentry and drywall repair, staining, gutter installation, and holiday lighting. Since the brand has been classified as an essential business, employees have been safely servicing homes in Columbus throughout the pandemic.

“We have seen success in our new locations because we have the ability to work mainly outside,” added Hodgson. “We offer services that can make your living space feel refreshed while still staying safe. As people have been spending a lot of time at home, they are realizing things in and out of the home that could be improved.”

Color World’s team of professional painters is highly experienced and uses top-quality products in order to deliver outstanding results each and every time. They also offer add-on services that go hand-in-hand with painting and allow customers to check one more thing off their to-do list and streamline their home improvement projects.

About Color World Housepainting:

Founded in 1997 and franchising since 2019, Color World Housepainting is a locally owned and operated painting and contracting company that specializes in painting, gutter installation, carpentry, minor drywall repair, powerwashing, holiday lighting and more. A one stop shop for home improvement, Color World Housepainting has 84 units total across 14 states, with 14 of those units in various stages of development.


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