How can I start a painting business?

Dec 15, 2022 | Franchising


What does becoming your own boss mean to you? Having the freedom to make your own business decisions and have more control of your financials is all true with business ownership. But how do you get there successfully? With Color World Painting, franchising helps provide you with the tools necessary in the home improvement industry.


In the United States alone, nearly 65% of businesses fail within 10 years of opening. With franchising, over 92% of those businesses are open and operating after 5 years. As a franchise owner, you get to be your own boss with 0-2 employees. You get to hire contractors. This allows you the benefits of staffing flexibility and being able to hire per the job that requires a certain amount of people.


Color World Painting does not require any previous experience! We want our owners to be as successful as possible. Therefore, we have many support options that include operational staff. Even before you open, we have franchisees complete initial training. This includes:

  • 6-week online pre-training course
  • 5-day in-person training and familiarization program
  • Online access to initial orientation and training materials

When you go to our initial training at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio , you will learn from our top-performing franchise owners and the ins and outs of starting your own successful Color World Painting.


Click here to learn more about our training process or how to start your own Color World Painting.




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Meet Adam Resnick

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