New Logo Announcement: Color World Painting

Jun 20, 2022 | Franchising

Since 1997, Color World Housepainting was born as a residential painting business and throughout the many years worked its way to become one of the top painting franchises. We are now excited to announce we will be transitioning our name to Color World Painting. From Color World Housepainting to Color World Painting, removing “house” from our branding represents our growth across residential and commercial segments. This subtle, but substantial, the name change will show that Color World is a trusted partner in all aspects of the business and not exclusively house painting. 

Changing our name is a new chapter to becoming an industry leader in both residential and commercial painting. We are excited to take the opportunity to better communicate what Color World Painting represents as a brand.  

Color World Painting is an award-winning franchise that offers support, training, and marketing for entrepreneurs who are looking for a franchise opportunity. With a low initial investment and multiple revenue opportunities, Color World offers a competitive advantage in the multi-billion-dollar home improvement industry.  



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Meet Adam Resnick

Meet Adam Resnick

In 2022, Adam Resnick joined Color World Painting as a franchise owner in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL. Prior to owning a Color World franchise he previously worked in law enforcement, and like many other business owners he wanted to retire and start a new venture. He...