Quitting Corporate to Own a Painting Business

Oct 5, 2022 | Franchising


Imagine driving home from work, at 7 pm on a Thursday night stuck in traffic, worrying about the next day your big presentation that your boss made you work late for all week. Now imagine if you had your own business and you worked from home. You were able to make it to your kid’s baseball game and got to sleep in on a Tuesday without anyone yelling at you. This is what it means to be your own boss. A work-life balance. At Color World Painting, we help people like you quit their corporate jobs and own take back their life, by owning a franchise.


In 2021, a record amount of people quit their high-stress jobs to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. A high of 32% of Americans want to be their own boss and set their own hours. Color World Painting offers our franchise owners the option to be either semi-absentee or owner-operated business owners.  


Many people who own a Color World Painting and go into the home improvement industry do not have previous experience but rather, enjoy the advantages of building their own businesses. Color World helps owners without previous knowledge through many resources. Let’s look through some:


Technology:  Color World Painting helps our owners with the best technology that there is. Through this, we have the best systems that help both our franchise owners and our clients including:

  • POS systems
  • Customer relationship management system
  • Back-office system
  • Software application:
  • BuyMax: this organization provides buying power of large corporations to small businesses that create a network of opportunities and offers business education to owners. Franchise owners can purchase products, report them, and receive discounts


Color World Painting understands that marketing is necessary for every business, that’s why we have a team that helps does it for you. We include:

  • Direct mail program
  • National Call Center
  • Local website


Training: Even before you open as a franchise owner, Color World Painting wants you to be as prepared as possible therefore we help provide our franchise owners:

  • 6-week online pre-training course
  • 5-day in-person training and familiarization program
  • Online access to initial orientation and training materials


Stop dreaming and start doing, to learn more about how to start your own Color World Painting, click here




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