The Benefits of a Franchise with Multiple Revenue Streams

Jul 15, 2022 | Franchising



When being an entrepreneur, picking the perfect business is the most important decision. Many business opportunities are seasonal or offer only one product or service. Multiple revenue streams are essential in any franchise. Color World Painting stays at the top of the industry by offering owners over 5 ways to create revenue.


To be the leader in your industry, adapting your business to the world is the biggest advantage. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the recession, Color World Painting has seen growth in reaching different businesses. The key advantages of more than one service are:

  1. Less risk: When franchising with Color World Painting, our time-tested business model has shown each service we offer can potentially provide more business. We also offer local and national marketing to help with the outreach of our different opportunities.
  2. Flexibility: Once you have adapted our business model, you can run your business either owner-operated or semi-absentee. This allows you as much or little control as you want.
  3. Opportunity: By owning a Color World Painting you are opening yourself up to too many openings to create more business for yourself. We give you 5 revenue streams, and you can choose how many you want to provide.


Color World Painting is a one-of-a-kind business that can help grow your business. Let’s look at what you can offer as an owner:

  1. Residential and Commercial Painting: According to the global painting industry, it is estimated to be worth over $158 BN and growing. Entering this industry as a Color World Painting owner, you have control over how many people you hire. You can launch your business with as few as 0-to 2 people.
  2. Minor Carpentry and Drywall repair: When painting a residential or commercial space, you might come across minor wall or ceiling repairs that are necessary. Being able to be trained in this will allow you to then provide another service at a charge. This also adds value to the service and to your business.
  3. Power washing: Power washing is an effective service that you can offer to your clients, that they will love. Maintaining the outside of their homes after you did a painting service is great. Also offering removal of industrial waste by power washing will allow your franchise business to enter a market for professional surface cleaning solutions.
  4. Holiday Lighting: This $27 BN industry will allow you to enter both residential and commercial properties! We provide a system in place for you to offer holiday lighting as a hassle-free process.
  5. Gutter Installation: Home and commercial gutter systems are essential for the foundation. Replacing it for your customers can help save them from property damage and is a necessary service you should offer.

 Color World Painting is a great franchise opportunity to investigate as an entrepreneur looking for a new business venture. We stay competitive against other people in the industry by offering all the different sources of revenue streams.


To learn more about how you can own a Color World Painting, click here


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