Veterans in the Home Improvement Industry

Oct 5, 2022 | Franchising


Many veterans are looking into franchise opportunities at rates like never before. The U.S Small Business Administration says that almost a quarter of all veterans are interested in starting their own businesses. The International Franchise Association has reported that about 1 and 7 franchise owners are veterans and that number continues to rise year-over-year.


Color World Painting is a part of the home improvement industry and this industry reports the highest rate of veteran workers. Many Veterans have many qualities that successful franchise owners possess, such as strong leadership skills, the ability to follow a proven process, and motivating people.


Color World Painting is a proud member of the International Franchise Association that started the VetFran program. This program offers veterans the incentive to have 30% off their franchise fee for honorably discharged members.

Since being founded in 1991, VetFran has helped offer incentives, job placement, and discounts to veterans interested in starting a franchise. We are honored to be a part of the 600 companies that are partnered to make a difference in Veterans’ lives.










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